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IGola Travel Consultant and Services Company

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About iGolaiGola is a smart metasearch engine that allows users to search for and book international air tickets from providers worldwide. Our service includes live price comparison and facilitated booking, all delivered with a clean and intuitive user experience, helping travelers to save time and money. How does iGola help travelers?iGola helps travellers find the ideal itinerary. iGola uses big data technology to access flight options from over a thousand airlines and dozens of world-famous online travel agents, and then uses artificial intelligence to generate the best combinations for travelers’ needs – all in seconds. iGola provides a smooth booking experience, regardless of the ticket supplier. iGola’s facilitated booking system lets customers complete their booking from hundreds of airlines without leaving iGola. Convenient payment methods, no language barrier, and a simple, intuitive interface take the pain out of booking at no extra cost.iGola can provide extreme low-cost ticket packages. iGolaFare, iGola’s independently researched and developed technology, splits and re-combines flight ticket options in an intelligent way to produce new, unbelievably low-priced travel opportunities. iGola lets travelers use real data to get inspired and quickly research travel options. Not sure where to go next? Enter your dates and look through dozens of possible destinations, each with updated price information, in just one click. Or quickly compare months’ worth of price information for flights to your favorite destination by using the “When to Go” feature to find the cheapest dates to fly. How does iGola help partners?• iGola is a metasearch with facilitated bookings. Tickets from all suppliers are displayed impartially. • iGola is based in China, the world’s biggest travel market, giving you access to 130 million Chinese outbound travelers. • iGola’s first focus is on serving millennials, the biggest and most promising travel demographic.• iGola is not a travel agent. Suppliers retain complete control over ticket issuance. • iGola’s powerful support system grants both suppliers and customers access to online services at any time.• iGola has a fully open API, supporting various cooperation models including ticketing API intgration for B2B, B2C and B2B2C partners, white-label or custom models.• iGola supports multiple payment methods.

iGola.com简介(中文)iGola.com,中文名称骑鹅旅行,一家服务于全球用户的国际机票搜索和预订网站。iGola提供全球比价和实时辅助预订的一站式服务,帮助用户省钱省时。iGola可以为出行者做好这几件事:• 帮助出行者找到适合自己的机票组合。iGola利用大数据技术和人工智能技术,在数秒内搜索上千家国内外航司、数十家全球知名OTA的海量航班组合,让出行者在丰富的飞行方案中自由选择。• 帮助用户预订海内外网站的机票。iGola开发了辅助预订功能协助用户在iGola上即可完成订票。享受秒速下单、无语言障碍、支付便利、无任何附加费用的优质服务。• 提供极致低价的机票组合。iGola自主研发iGolaFare,对航司和OTA提供的机票数据进行智能分拆和重新组合,产生全新的机票组合和不可思议的低价。让更多人享受国际旅行的乐趣。• 帮助用户选择旅行目的地和旅行时间,让一切变得更简单。缺乏旅行灵感时,用“飞去哪”哪里便宜飞哪里;出发时间不确定,用“何时飞”何时便宜何时飞。iGola为合作伙伴做好这几件事:• iGola是可辅助预订的元搜索引擎,公正展现所有供应商的搜索结果;• iGola创立于中国——全球最大的出境游国家,并受到中国年轻一代出境游用户的喜爱。通过iGola,你可以向1.3亿中国出境游用户销售优质的旅行产品;• iGola不是旅行代理商,我们100%支持供应商自动出票;• 建立了强大及完善的技术支持体系,可全天候在线服务供应商和用户;• 全面开放机票API数据接口,支持B2BB2CB2B2C的机票API数据对接、whitelabel或定制化等多种灵活合作模式;• 采用多种结算方式,灵活便捷。


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