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Reservation Systems & CRM for Tour Operators, Travel Suppliers and Airlines. The ISO Travel Solutions GmbH, a member of the ISO-Gruppe, is specialized in the development of touristic software solutions for sales and support in the international markets. With more than 30 years of successful market presence, the ISO-Gruppe is a well-established factor in the fields of IT consulting, software development and related IT services. Overall, the ISO-Gruppe has more than 450 employees at six locations in Germany and subsidiaries in Austria, Poland and Canada. Besides developing software for the tourism and aviation industries, our services are focused on management and organizational consultancy, system analysis and system design as well as on SAP consulting. We analyze your existing processes and deliberate jointly with you how to optimize them with our tour operator software. As part of a business process analysis, we evaluate and improve your internal workflow. Our mission is to help leading tour operators all over the world automate and optimize their business processes using our highly scalable and customizable state-of-the-art IT solutions. These solutions are based on our tourism knowledge and project expertise, and are supported by our partnerships. Long-term relationships with major companies in the tourism market continually enhance the internal know-how of ISO Travel Solutions, whose customers include Air Canada Vacations, Amadeus, Arosa, Avis, Condor, DER, Emirates Holidays, Ethiad Holidays, Explorer Fernreisen, Hotelplan, Legoland Deutschland Tours, Sabre, Sun International Dreams, Thomas Cook, TUI, Wikinger Reisen and many others. Visit us on ITB China to experience our latest developments of the top products Pacific, the web-based tour operator system, and Emerald, the CRM solution four tourism companies as well as the latest trend of tourism software solutions such as Mobile Apps for B2B and B2C.

为旅游经营者、旅行供应商和航空公司提供预订系统和客户关系管理。 ISO旅行解决方案公司是ISO集团的一员,专门负责旅游软件解决方案的开发和国际市场的支持。拥有超过30年成功的市场经验,ISO公司在IT咨询领域、软件开发及相关服务是一个已全面发展的公司。总体而言,本公司在德国六个地区和奥地利、波兰以及加拿大的的子公司拥有员工超过450名员工。除了开发旅游和航空业的软件外,我们服务专注于管理和组织咨询、系统分析和系统设计以及SAP咨询。我们会分析您现有的进程,并与您共同商议如何用我们的旅游运营商软件来优化它们。作为业务流程分析的一部分,我们会评估和改进您的内部工作流。我们的使命是使用我们的高度可扩展和量身定做的最先进的IT解决方案,帮助世界各地领先的旅游运营商自动化和优化他们的业务流程。这些解决方案是基于我们的旅游知识和项目的专业知识,以及我们的合作伙伴的支持。与旅游市场的大公司之间的长期合作关系不断提高ISO旅行方案的内部知识,我们的客户包括加拿大航空假期、阿莫杜斯、阿罗萨、阿维斯、神鹰航空、DER、阿联酋航空公司假日、发现长途旅行、酒店计划、乐高德国旅游乐园、军刀、太阳国际之梦、托马斯库克、途易、维京人等。访问我们ITB中国,体验我们顶级太平洋产品、网络旅游经营者的系统、埃莫拉尔德、旅游公司的客户关系管理解决方案的最新发展以及旅游软件解决方案的最新趋势,如B2B和B2C的移动应用程序。


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