Booth No. E048 is a groundbreaking search engine for flight tickets. We use virtual interlining to provide our customers with flight combinations they would otherwise struggle to find. On top of that, we add the Guarantee. Even if our customers book an itinerary combined of different low cost carriers, we’ll still take care of them if they miss any connecting flight due to a delay.
- Our vision is to make travelling simple and accessible to everyone, We need talented, passionate people to shake up the travel industry.
- The CN Team is a key role in developing distribution and improving the content in China market. We focus on the better relationship building with the partners of OTAs, B2B and airline carriers to a mutual growth. We are practicing the concept of In China, For China, For Kiwi Global.

- Kiwi.com是一家以机票业务为核心,创新型的搜索引擎公司。我们通过虚拟联程的方式,为我们消费者提供那些费尽千辛万苦才可以组合的机票。此外,我们还会提供Kiwi的服务保障。即便我们的消费者预订了,两个不同廉价航司的组合航班,由于航班延误,造成无法搭乘后续衔接航班,我们可以提供保障确保他们顺利到达。
- 我们愿景是使旅行更简单,每个人都可以触手可及。我们需要有才华,有朝气的你一起去推动旅行行业的进步。
- Kiwi中国,在本地市场拓展业务,获取优质资源,起到至关重要的作用。我们致力于与本地合作伙伴——OTA,B2B以及航空公司构建更稳固的业务关系,合作共赢。我们一直践行在中国,为中国,为全球。


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