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Lake Saimaa Finland

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Lake Saimaa Finland
The Lake Saimaa region is partly located near the Russian border only a couple of hours away from the Finnish capital Helsinki. From Helsinki you can easily get here by train, bus or car within just a few hours.You can also travel visa-free to Russia from the Lake Saimaa region and combine the beautiful Lakeland nature with the cultural metropolis of St. Petersburg.

The gem of the area is Saimaa, Finland’s largest and Europe’s fourth largest lake. It was also listed to be in top 5 most beautiful lakes in the world by the Wallstreet Journal in 2014. Lake Saimaa covers an area of 4.460 and has over 13.000 islands.

In the waters of Lake Saimaa, by far the greatest attraction is nature: the archipelago and lake scenery and the clear water. If you are lucky, you may even see a Saimaa ringed seal basking on a rock on a summer’s day. The waters of Lake Saimaa, dotted by thousands of islands, provide excellent opportunities for boating. The lovely lake scenery can be marveled at from sailing and motor boats alike. The lake environment can also be explored on cruises and by walking in the forest picking local berries and mushrooms.

Fresh white snow and crispy winter weather. There are lots of enjoyable winter activities to fill your days with in the Lake Saimaa region. In wintertime the magnificent environment can be enjoyed on ATV or husky safaris, snowshoe hikes and skating or ski trips. In winter, the dusk falls early in the day, and the bright starry sky and blazing northern lights are experiences that will stay with you forever.

By the Lake Saimaa it is possible to enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional Finnish sauna. In addition to a traditional sauna you can pamper yourself for example in an exciting smoke sauna. Enjoy also the refreshing Lake Saimaa by swimming in summer as well as in winter!

The region’s cultural life is rich and varied, mixing both old and new. Saimaa region is full of unique geological, archeological, cultural and historical sights to discover.

There are plenty of accommodation options to choose from in the Lake Saimaa region, depending on the type of holiday, your travel companions and personal preferences. You can stay at a spa hotel, city center hotel, cottage, family room or farm, or spend the night in a lean-to shelter, where the star count is as high as on the night sky.

You can also make a round trip through the lake Saimaa region and visit all the best places in the four cities and their neighboring municipalities. By bus or car you can conveniently tour the sights and explore a large area in a short time. Each of the cities, Savonlinna, Lappeenranta, Mikkeli and Imatra, offer their own special flavor to the regions must see destinations.

Enjoy the beautiful and pure Finnish nature, magnificent Lakeland views, intriguing cultural sights in addition to local food and people. Spend memorable holidays by Finland’s largest lake, Saimaa, whatever the season.


来赛马湖 体验灵感之旅!

体验赛马湖清澈的湖水, 行走在神秘森林 感受 平和与美丽的原生态自然环境。旅程结束回到家中,您将倍感神清气爽、精力充沛!


了解靠近芬兰和俄罗斯边境的赛马湖地区的丰富历史。 在这里,中西方传统交融成了一种独特的生活方式。赛马湖的自然风光变化多端,一年四季会呈现出不同的景观。您可以在赛马湖梦幻般的美景中晒个太阳,感受湖水的轻柔,或是聆听波浪轻轻拍打湖岸的美妙旋律。


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