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Lapland Hotels & Safaris is the international Sales Service for Lapland Hotels, Lapland Safaris and Arctic Incentives. We are the only contact you need for all your projects in Finnish Lapland. Lapland Safaris is a DMC operating in Finnish Lapland. Lapland Safaris has operated since 1982 having offices in Rovaniemi, Saariselkä, Levi, Luosto, Olos and Ylläs. It is the oldest and most experienced Safari provider of Lapland and the largest activity program enterprise in Scandinavia. Arctic Incentives by Lapland Safaris concentrates on MICE business and is specialized in creating and marketing services for the MICE-segment. Arctic Incentives has over 30 years of experience and expertise on business-oriented travel services. Lapland Hotels offers a wide choice of locations and hotels in Finnish Lapland having also hotels in the town of Oulu, Tampere and in Helsinki (2018). Lapland Hotels have a total of 17 hotels in Finland, 14 of them in Lapland. Each with their own identity including a large range of hotel rooms, apartments and cabins to choose from. Lapland Hotels is also the hotel chain with biggest number of saunas included in their hotels. Products:17 hotels in total whereof 14 in Finnish Lapland. Safari programs in 7 resorts. Private lunch and dinner 3venues. Ski resorts in Ylläs, Luosto, Pallas and Olos. Snow and ice hotel Snow Village in Ylläs. /

Lapland Hotels & Safaris 是 Lapland Hotels、Lapland Safaris 和
Arctic Incentives 的国际销售服务。我们是您在芬兰拉普兰开展各项活动唯一需要的联系方式。

Lapland Safaris 是一家在芬兰拉普兰经营的 DMC。Lapland Safaris 于 1982 年开业,在罗瓦涅米 (Rovaniemi)、萨利色尔卡 (Saariselkä)、李维 (Levi)、罗斯托 (Luosto)、奥勒斯 (Olos) 和禺拉斯 (Ylläs) 均设有办事处。Lapland Safaris 是拉普兰成立时间最久、经验最丰富的旅游服务提供商,是斯堪的纳维亚最大的活动策划公司。

Lapland Safaris 推出的 Arctic Incentives 专注于 MICE 业务,专门为 MICE 领域提供创新和营销服务。Arctic Incentives 在面向旅游服务的业务方面已拥有 30 多年的经验和专长。

Lapland Hotels 在芬兰拉普兰提供多个地点和酒店选择,在奥卢 (Oulu)、坦佩雷 (Tampere) 和赫尔辛基 (Helsinki)(2018 年开业)拥有酒店。Lapland Hotels 在芬兰共有 17 家酒店,其中 14 家位于拉普兰。每家酒店都各具特色,包括很多不同的酒店客房、公寓和小木屋可供选择。Lapland Hotels 也是桑拿连锁酒店,他们的酒店内有很多桑拿池。

总计 17 家酒店,其中 14 家位于芬兰拉普兰。7 个度假村的旅游项目。私人午餐和晚餐场所。禺拉斯 (Ylläs)、罗斯托 (Luosto)、帕拉斯 (Pallas) 和奥勒斯 (Olos) 滑雪度假村。禺拉斯 (Ylläs) 雪村冰雪酒店。


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