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More time, more space: YOUR alpine summer
More time, more space. Enjoy the winter

Lech Zürs am Arlberg in the province of Vorarlberg is situated in the mountains in the west of Austria, on a level of 1.450 meters, up to 2.811 meters. It’s a lovely village in summer and winter surrounded by an enthusiastic landscape.
It was founded in the 14th century and people lived mainly from meager farming. Tourism slowly began to develop with the construction of the Flexen road in 1895.
When the meadows turn green and show their summer dress, hikers, old-timer-lovers, classic music fans and lovers of traditional music will travel to Lech Zürs am Arlberg. This Walser village in the Arlberg valley is a sought-after destination for summer holidaymakers, whom it will provide with a whole range of different events between June and October. In spite of its sophisticated atmosphere, the community has preserved its friendly village character, appropriate to the traditional nature of the region. The world automatically slows down in Lech Zürs.
In winter, you will find a stylish, elegant mountain village covered in a blanket of snow just like in the fairy tales. Lech Zürs is the place in Austria to meet and enjoy the winter, situated in the middle of the Arlberg area. With 94 lifts and 350 km of ski slopes, every level of skier will find their preferred skiing place.
People who like the winter will find groomed walking paths to enjoy the romantic winter landscape, have a walk to a romantic hut, where they can indulge a nice Austrian meal or lunch on one of our sunny terraces. Follow that up by taking advantage of the spa area in any one of many luxury hotels and finish the day with an excellent dinner and some Austrian wine.
The village Lech Zürs will give you the impression to be at a very special place, far away from the loud world.

更多的时间,更多的空间:您的阿尔卑斯夏日时光更多的时间,更多的空间:畅享冬季福拉尔贝格州的Lech Zürs am Arlberg 位于奥地利西部山区,在海拔1450米至2811米的高度。不论冬夏,这都是一个可爱的村庄,周围都是充满热情的风景。它成立于十四世纪,人们主要靠微薄的农业生活。1895年,随着Flexen路的建设,旅游业开始慢慢发展起来。当草地变绿,展示他们的夏装时,远足者,热爱古典的人,古典音乐爱好者和传统音乐爱好者将前往 Lech Zürs am Arlberg。这个位于阿尔贝格山谷的瓦尔泽村庄是一个受欢迎的夏季旅游胜地,在六月和十月之间为旅游者提供不同的活动。尽管其环境复杂,社区保留了其友好的乡村特色,适合该地区的传统性质。在 Lech Zürs,世界都自行变慢了。在冬天,你会发现一个时尚,优雅的山村,被一层雪覆盖,就像童话故事。 Lech Zürs,位于在阿尔贝格地区中部,是一个在奥地利遇见冬天享受冬天的地方。有94个电梯和350公里的滑雪斜坡,每个级别的滑雪者将找到他们首选的滑雪场所。喜欢冬天的人会找到整齐的步行路径去享受浪漫的冬季风景,散步到一个浪漫的小屋,在那里他们可以享受一顿美好的奥地利餐或在和熙的露台享用午餐。随后,可以在任何豪华酒店的温泉区放松一下,然后在一顿丰盛的晚餐和奥地利葡萄酒后结束一天。Lech Zürs村将给您留下这样的印象:这是一个很特别的地方,远离喧闹的世界。


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