Lentorre Lodge

Lentorre Lodge

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Lentorre Lodge- where we welcome you to come on Safari with us an enjoy the wildlife, the wild open areas and the luxury we provide, whilst encouraging you to experience Kenya, with us, like a Kenyan!

Deep in the Great Rift Valley, beyond the volcanic lunar landscape surrounding the soda lakes of Magadi and Natron, in the very heart of the Olkiramatian Conservancy, lies the oasis of Lentorre. Fed by crystal clear springs running off the South Loita and Nguruman escarpments, Lentorre provides the perfect spot to relax and soak in the wonders of a wild and untouched Africa. It is a community initiative encouraged by the local Maasai community to protect their wildlife, traditional lifestyle and heritage, in partnership with Kenyans that have a love for, and knowledge of wildlife and conservation.

Nestled in this natural amphitheatre, Lentorre provides uninhibited views of Mt Shompole, and the spring behind the lodge provides a constant source of cool fresh water and sustains a grove of venerable tamarind trees where the warriors traditionally met as they came of age, and where elephants continue to gather to feed on ripe tamarind.

As a family owned and operated lodge, we put huge emphasis on ensuring that our guests are not just on 'another safari- they are our guests, in our home. We work closely with our guests before they travel to really understand them and why they are travelling. Whether it is to reconnect as a family, to see and understand wild areas and animals, to get that perfect picture of a Flamingo at sunrise, to experience the Maasai culture with us or whether it is just to come and recharge themselves in one of the prettiest places on earth- we ensure to understand that and welcome the guest to our home like part of the family.

Karibu Sana! (You are very welcome!)


在东非大裂谷的深处,Olkiramatian保护区的中心,被外星球景色般的麦迦底湖和纳特龙湖所环绕,这便是兰托瑞绿洲的所在地。 兰托瑞度假村由南莱奥塔(South Loita)和Nguruman悬崖上的清澈泉水供养,是您放松身心并沉浸在野生和未受破坏的非洲奇观中的理想场所。 兰托瑞项目得到当地马赛社区的大力支持,致力于保护野生动植物,传承传统生活方式和文化遗产。


作为一个家庭拥有并经营的度假村,我们非常重视且确保来到我们这里的客人不仅仅是'另一次旅行',对我们来说,他们是在我们家做客的客人。在旅行之前我们与客人密切合作,真正了解他们旅行的原因 - 无论是重建家庭关系,了解野生动物,在日出时拍摄火烈鸟的完美画面,体验马赛文化,或者只是为了在地球上最漂亮的地方修养几日。欢迎您作为我们大家庭的成员来到兰托瑞度假。



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