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Lernidee Trains & Cruises is the world’s leading tour operator for private train journeys and boutique ship cruising, offering more than 80 exclusively designed journeys for the discerning & adventurous traveller. Lernidee’s extraordinary private train journeys in more than 40 countries allow clients to discover the world’s most famous railway lines from the comfort of a train carriage e.g. on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, Central Asia’s Silk Road or in Southern Africa.Lernidee offers boutique ship cruising all over the world. For journeys along the Mekong through Laos and Thailand we even operate our own vessel.Most of our journeys are tailor-made for small groups, private tour groups and individual travellers, ensuring truly memorable experiences. We are highly flexible to cater every program to your needs and will guarantee the high German standard in operating our thoughtfully designed itineraries.

Lernidee Trains & Cruises是一家全球领先的旅游运营商,它提供私人包租火车与精品游船旅行服务,为具备不凡品味、富有冒险精神的旅行者专门设计了80多条独家行程。卓尔不群的Lernidee私人火车旅行穿越世界40 多个国家,客户们可以安坐于舒适的火车车厢之内,饱览世界最著名的铁路线沿途风景,例如横贯西伯利亚的铁路干线、中亚的丝绸之路或南部非洲之旅。Lernidee还在世界各地提供精品游船服务。在穿越老挝和泰国的湄公河段,我们更是经营着自己的精品游船。我们大部分的旅程是专门为小团体、私人旅行团和个人旅客安排的,确保旅客获得真正难忘的体验。我们的每个旅行产品都具备高度灵活性,能够满足您的多样性需求,并在具体执行过程中确保德国品质的高水准。


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