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Let’s Go Malta

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The Arrigo Group of Companies was founded by the late Ralph Arrigo in the late 1950s, and is one of Malta’s longest-established and most experienced companies in the tourism industry. The business evolved from antiques in the 50s to property development, soon morphing into the formation of a small group of interrelated businesses in Malta’s then fledgling hotel and hospitality industry, including catering and of course tourism among other interests.
Today these ventures have evolved to make up the Arrigo Group of Companies, now employing over 200 people, and the Arrigo Group is considered to be one of the largest operators in Malta offering some of the widest ranges of services available locally under one umbrella.
The Arrigo Group is made up of a team of dedicated and experienced specialists and professionals working to provide a wide choice of quality products and offering reliable support for our business partners, guests and customers.
The Arrigo Group offer a number of prestigious local venues, including the highly regarded Villa Arrigo and Villa Anna Theresa, both served by the renowned Osborne Caterers, an extremely reputable catering company with which we are proud to be associated.
The chic Cara’s Café, situated on the most fashionable part of the Sliema seafront which is a popular venue with both young trendsetters and older clientele alike.
The Arrigo Group also own and operate three well established hotels; the Plaza Hotel and the Plaza Regency in Sliema, and the Osborne Boutique Hotel situated in an old part of Malta’s Capital City, Valletta.

Arrigo集团公司由已故的Ralph Arrigo于20世纪50年代末创立,是马耳他旅游业历史最悠久,经验最丰富的公司之一。 该业务从50年代的古董发展到房地产开发,很快就变成了马耳他当时刚刚起步的酒店和酒店业的一小部分相互关联的业务,包括餐饮业,当然还有旅游业等。
Arrigo集团提供众多着名的当地场所,包括备受推崇的Villa Arrigo和Villa Anna Theresa,均由着名的Osborne Caterers提供服务,这是一家极具信誉的餐饮公司,我们很自豪能与之相关。
Arrigo集团还拥有并经营着三家成熟的酒店; 斯利马的Plaza Hotel酒店和Plaza Regency酒店以及位于马耳他首都瓦莱塔(Valletta)老城区的奥斯本精品酒店(Osborne Boutique Hotel)。


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SLM 1600 Sliema

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