Liechtenstein Marketing

Liechtenstein Marketing

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2019 the principality of Liechtenstein will celebrate the 300 year anniversary. Our small principality is situated between Switzerland and Austria. We are famous for the ability to discover pure nature, as a shopping-destination and our stamps. If you looking for something real special for your guests - we are the right place to go.

2019年列支敦士登公國將慶祝300週年紀念日。 我們的小公國位於瑞士和奧地利之間。 我們以郵票聞名,作為購物設計和發現純粹的自然。 如果您為客人尋找真正特別的東西 - 我們是適合的地方。


Àulestrasse 30
9490 Vaduz

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