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LVJI Technology

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Founded in December 2013, LVJI Technology focuses on the research and development of electronic tour guide software, global tour guide system and tourism related supporting business. Based on LVJI, the intelligent tourism industry has formed multiple main businesses, such as intelligent tour guide, future scenic spot-SaaS, a mobile phone tour and scenic spot sharing facilities. Business-supported tourism ecosphere is a world-renowned intelligent tourism industry solutions expert.
The company has 30 software copyrights and more than 260 product copyrights. With Guangzhou Headquarters as the center, the product network radiates more than 50 countries around the world. It is the main supplier of electronic guided services of Ctrip, Tongcheng, Lvmama, Qunar, SISI and other well-known OTA platforms. By the end of March 2019, LVJI Technology has built more than 180,000 scenic spots in more than 10,000 scenic spots around the world. In general, by the end of 2019, the number of intelligent guided scenic spots will be increased to 15,000.
In response to the development policies of "Intelligent Tourism" and "Global Tourism" of the National Tourism Administration, LVJI Technology, relying on the industrial ecological platform, has joined hands with Tencent and Amap to build "A Mobile Tour to Yunnan" project and "Future Scenic Spot" project, which have profoundly influenced and changed the service mode of the tourism industry and the travel mode of tens of millions of consumers, creating a promising application of "Tourism Industry + Internet" model in China.



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