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where is Linda Travel Argentina?
Lychee tour Founded in 2016, it is a professional travel service company specializing in customerizing tourism services in Argentina and Latin America. It is headquartered in the capital city of Buenos Aires in the capital of Buenos Aires, and has an office representative in Beijing, China.

what can we do?
As a travel agency based in Argentina, Lychee Tour has a wealth of overseas resources and a group of experienced travel consultants, meticulous and thoughtful in accordance with the guests expected tourist destination, tourism projects, accommodation and dining requirements, tailored personality. We have carefully arranged a variety of tourist projects, the excellent Chinese tour guide with intimate service and a wealth of knowledge for destinations. In addition, we are having very close cooperation with the star hotels, specialty restaurants, car dealers, insurance companies, cruise companies and winery in Argentina to ensure provision of wonderful tourist services.

At the same time, with mature and stable business network resources, Lychee Tour also focus on coordinating full range of customized service for entity delegation coming from china to Argentina for inspection, trade, exhibitions, training, tourism. meanwhile, lychee tour is also dedicated to plan ,organize and schedule for the strategic partners in Argentina a variety of business visits in China on cultural exchange activities, seeking business opportunity. a series of program have been developed to meet requirement of mutual interest for Argentina and Chinese to visit opposite country.

the rising new star in Latin tourism- Linda Travel Argentina
Starting from the year of 2016, in order to attract chinese tourists, many latin American countries and Carribean nations such as Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica are eligible for visa-free access for chinese visitors. Argentina issues the conditional electronic visa against valid United State Visa, all these i

Linda Travel Argentina成立于2014年,位于阿根廷首都布宜诺斯艾利斯马德罗港口区,是在阿根廷注册登记、并获阿根廷国家旅游局批准的地接旅行社,以优质服务的口碑承接阿根廷各项旅游产品的服务:包括团组、家庭、自由行地接服务,及承揽商务考察、文化交流、人员培训、医疗、留学、移民、房地产投资考察等相关的服务。并整合机票、酒店、交通、保险、签证、会展等旅游产业链资源。为客户提供最合理价格和全方位高品质服务。
Linda Travel Argentina作为扎根于阿根廷的旅游服务公司,有着得天独厚的境外资源以及一批经验丰富的旅游顾问,细致周到地按照客人期望的旅游目的地、旅游项目、住宿及用餐要求,量身打造个性化的南美之行。我们精心安排旅游项目丰富多彩,最佳中文导游用贴心的服务及丰富的知识为客人的旅行画上点睛之笔。另外,我们与阿根廷各地星级酒店、特色餐厅、车行、保险公司、邮轮公司以及葡萄酒庄园的密切合作,更是我们提供上乘服务的保障。
Linda Travel Argentina还专注于为国内各界出访阿根廷团组提供考察、经贸、展会、培训、旅游等全方位行业专属定制服务,拥有成熟稳定的公务和商务合作关系。此外,我公司也为在阿根廷的战略合作伙伴策划、组织并定制在中国的各种商务考察、文化交流活动,深入挖掘开发了丰富多彩的两国间的特色行程。本公司自成立以来,为驻阿中资企业,如中国中车,中国电建,银联国际,中国石化等公司安排企业高端团组到阿访问以及VIP客户接待、会议承办等,另外,承接上海缳亚医学科技,科瑞等企业在阿成功举办企业展会。
Linda Travel Argentina是具有新鲜的血液和活力的公司,公司的员工全部是80后的年轻人,之前供职于大型跨国企业,有多年从事国际化公司的经营管理经验,也有在阿留学多年专业学习旅游管理的精英学霸,还有当地有着丰富旅游操作经验的专业人员,员工都熟练使用汉语、英语以及西班牙语。我们的员工深刻理解每一个出国旅游或经商人员在外期间的真切需求,希望通过我们热忱周到的服务带给每一个游客在阿期间除了享受阿国风光、美景、美食,同时也深深感受到如家如在中国的温馨感受。



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