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Made in Uvet is the Tour Operator and Destination Management Company belonging to the Uvet Group, the leading Travel Management company in Italy (estabilished in 1950) with branch offices in France, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Romania and the United Kingdom.Made in Uvet offers Luxury and tailor-made travel services in Europe, with a special focus on Italy, thanks to its long experience in Business and Leisure Travel, Mobility, Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events.Within Italy, the Uvet group has operating centres in Milano, Turin, Treviso, Bologna, Florence and Rome, and it is the major shareholder in a network of more than 1,500 travel agencies throughout Italy. In each region, they ensure direct knowledge of the territory, products and local suppliers, as well as offering a complete service to their clients. Experience the Italian lifestyleThe mission of Made in Uvet is to offer travel programmes and experiences which enable people to sample the best of Italian lifestyle and the excellence it has to offer. With passion, skill and professionalism, the multilingual Made in Uvet team will create custom-made travel itineraries and provide services for every type of demand and budget. It will take care of hotel bookings, train and airline tickets, transfers, restaurants, guided tours and entertainment, but also private jets and helicopters, yachts, limousines, and unique, exclusive locations for private events, weddings or honeymoons.Be inspired by our itineraries and packages focused on: Art & Culture, Food and Wine, Sport & Adventure, Secret Places & Unique Events, Glamour & Fashion, Movie Set & Music, Land & Nature, Architecture & Design.The Travel Agencies and Partners section of the website has over 100 suggestions, for both groups and individuals, to inspire you. These can be personalised, and prices quoted on the basis of your own requirements.

Made in Uvet 公司是一家隶属于Uvet集团的旅游经营及行程管理公司。Uvet集团是意大利的旅游管理巨头(成立于1950年),分支机构遍布法国、瑞士、瑞典、芬兰、拉脱维亚、罗马尼亚和英国。Made in Uvet公司提供定制型豪华欧洲旅游服务,其业务重点主要在意大利。公司在商务与休闲、旅游、交通、会议、奖励活动、会展与大型活动等方面拥有丰富的经验。在意大利国内,Uvet集团在米兰,都灵,特雷维索,博洛尼亚,佛罗伦萨和罗马都设有运营中心,并为意大利一个超过1500家旅行社所组成的完整网络之主要股东。在每一个地区,由于他们对当地地域,产品与供应商直接而深入的认识,极有利于为客户们提供完整的服务。体验意大利的生活方式Made in Uvet的使命是提供使人们感受最好的意大利生活方式及其所能提供的卓越体验的旅游行程与经验。秉持着热情,专业技能及敬业精神,Made in Uvet精通多国语言的团队将为每一种需求及不同的预算创造定制旅游行程与提供服务。不仅预订酒店、火车票、机票、接送、餐厅、导游及娱乐活动,并且安排私人飞机、直升机、游艇、豪华轿车、私人活动及婚礼与蜜月别致独特的专属场地。让我们着重于艺术与文化、美食与品酒,运动与探险,意大利秘境与特殊节庆,魅力与时尚,电影场地与音乐活动,大地与自然,建筑与设计等方面的行程规划提供您更多的灵感!www.madeinuvet.com网站上”旅行社与合作伙伴”的部分有为团体与个人游超过100多条的行程建议,可让您参考。这些行程都可以根据您的需求而个人化及提供报价。


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