Magelan travel

Magelan travel

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Magelan Travel is a travel company (registerd in Serbia with National Licence 25/15) that provides tourist services for Serbia’s and the surrounding Balkan countries (from Slovenia to Greece). We have more than twenty years of experience in the full range of travel services. We carefully think and prepare all the travel services. We want to provide our customers an unforgettable experience to show them the beauty of our region (our people, natural beuties, cultural heritage, excelent wine and gastronomy, national costume shows) and discover them this undiscovered destinations.
We are also able to organize meetings with Serbian business people and associations from all sectors, representatives of cities and regions in order to potential business partners and investors acquainted with the possibilities for investments in Serbia.

美佳伦旅行(Magelan Travel,拥有超过20年丰富的旅游接待经验,提供塞尔维亚及周边巴尔干半岛地区国家(如斯洛文尼亚和希腊)的全方位的旅游服务。我们还能组织会见塞尔维亚各行业的商务人士和团体、各城市与区域的代表,让潜在的商务合作伙伴和投资者了解投资塞尔维亚的可能性。


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21000 Novi Sad

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