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Our company is based on a brand new concept of central booking. The initial idea was put into practice eleven years ago and we are determined to expand it abroad.

Nowadays, over 1.233 clients in UAE, USA, JAPAN, UK, SPAIN, BRAZIL etc. are part of our project and the best background to broaden our horizons. In this sense, we are growing in number, providing over 189.375 hotels worldwide. They range from cheap accommodation in remote places to the best-known resorts in exotic destinations. Our partners are offered maximum flexibility when making reservations thanks to an online confirmation service, in real time and full guaranteed.

These items are available for the Travel Agencies, Wholesalers, Tour Operators and OTAs that belong to our net of partners.

我们公司基于全新的中央预订概念。 最初的想法在十一年前付诸实践,我们决心将其扩展到国外。

如今,阿联酋,美国,日本,英国,西班牙,巴西等地的1.233名客户是我们项目的一部分,也是拓宽视野的最佳背景。 从这个意义上说,我们的数量正在增长,在全球范围内提供超过189.375家酒店。 它们的范围从偏远地区的廉价住宿到异国情调目的地最着名的度假村。 我们的合作伙伴在预订时可以获得最大的灵活性,这得益于在线确认服务,实时且全面保证。



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