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Midoco is a highly automated Midoffice/ERP- System for Travel Management Companies (TMCs), OTAs and Travel Agency Organisations. Midocos outstanding process automation or Service Fee Calculation is setting standards in the travel industry. Midoco is compatible with a number of third-party back-office systems and multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS). Midoco can easily be integrated into existing IT landscapes via Web-Services. Midoco increases your productivity. As an automated system, Midoco enables touchless invoicing directly after ticketing and is eliminating human error and effort. As part of the Midoco group, UMBRELLA FACES is a globally leading, modern and highly flexible profile management tool for TMCs and corporations. The system features a number of real-time interfaces to and from systems such as OBEs, GDS, HR systems, CRM systems and hotel and rail platforms. This guarantees up-to-date profile data, trouble-free bookings and compliance with the data protection – anywhere, anytime.

Midoco是一个高度自动化的Midoffice-中端办公软件 / ERP-系统,适用于商旅管理公司(TMCs)、在线旅游代理平台(OTA)和旅行社机构。其工序自动化和服务费结算功能引领旅游行业的标准。Midoco与多种全球分销系统(GDS) 及众多第三方后台系统兼容,可通过网络服务轻松集成到现有的IT环境中,轻松提高您的工作效率。作为一个自动化系统,Midoco可在售票后直接生成电子票据,最高限度消除人为错误和减少工作量。作为Midoco集团的一部分,UMBRELLA FACES是一款全球领先的、新式且高度灵活的档案数据管理工具,可供商旅管理公司(TMCs)和各大相关机构团体使用。该系统具有许多实时接口,可灵活适用于OBE、GDS、ERP、CRM以及酒店和铁路平台等系统。其配置文件数据可随时随地保证最新 ,实现无故障预订和规范的数据保护。


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