Milky Journey

Milky Journey

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Milky Journey, born in Melbourne, Australia,in 2017. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality professional customized travel services. For Milky Journey. Traveling is more than traveling. "The same location, different game play", we pay more attention to the uniqueness and depth of the experience. It allows customers to get the best experience in the same way, but in the way they like best. At present, we have so many innovative routes in Australia, as well as local activities. The business is extended to New Zealand, Pacific island country,Morocco and other places. We believe that in the near future, we can serve more customers in more countries around the world. Design a route that is exclusive to them. Milky Journey, we always on the road.

Milky Journey 妙享之旅,2017年诞生于文艺之都澳大利亚墨尔本。我们致力于向客户提供高质量的专业定制旅行服务。 对于Milky来说。旅行,不止于旅行。“同样的地点,多样的玩法”,在满足于人们基本的旅行需求上,我们更注重的是产品的独特性及其深度。能够让客户在同样的景点,却以他们最心仪的方式来获得最佳的体验。 目前我们在澳洲已经有非常成熟的各类路线,以及墨尔本本地的活动,业务更是扩展到新西兰、太平洋岛国、摩洛哥等地,相信在不久的将来我们能在全世界更多国家,为更多的客户设计出专属于他们的路线。 Milky Journey,我们一直在路上。 - 妙享旅行 妙享人生 -


Level 24,570 Bourke st
3000 Melbourne

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