Myanmar Allure Travels & Tours Co., Ltd.

Myanmar Allure Travels & Tours Co., Ltd.

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Myanmar Allure Travels & Tours Co.,ltd. was officially established in 2013 with the approval of the Myanmar Government Investment and Corporate Authority (DICA).
The company is located in Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar. It was founded by several people who have accumulated decades of travel experience. Regardless of safety, quality and price, we are confident that we can undertake any large-scale successful travel and let our customers achieve the highest satisfaction.

缅甸时光旅游有限公司(Myanmar Allure Travels & Tours Co.,ltd.)经缅甸政府投资和公司管理局(DICA)批准,于2013年正式创立
本公司位于缅甸第一大城市“仰光”,是由几位均累計數十年旅遊經驗的人员创办的。不論在安全、品質、價格上,我們均有信心,承辦任何一個大型的成功旅遊,讓客戶达到最高满意。也可以为您量身定制个人旅游行程、团队旅游行程… 商务,公务考察交流等。。


No.50(2nd Floor ),164 street , Tamwe Township,
11211 Yangon

Product Groups

  • Cultural and Study Tours
  • Family Holidays
  • Incentive Travel