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Nanch Tours, with more than 30 years of experience in the tourism and transportation industry in El Salvador and the Central American region, guarantees incredible new experiences!

El Salvador has an enormous touristic potential. In less than one hour, you can visit the country from the beach (on the Pacific Ocean), to the mountains and visiting small local towns on the way. Being a "new" touristic country, El Salvador has so much to offer. It's still very unique and Salvadorians are very special people.

Nanch Tours proposes touristic packages creating a fabulous experience discovering the amazing natural beauties El Salvador has to offer. As well, new packages can be created depending on the tourist requests.

Transportes JAP, is the transportation company working together with Nanch Tours, with more than 100 vehicles available to meet the touristic demand.

We also offer services and tours in other Central American countries. We create amazing experiences in and out of El Salvador to meet our tourist needs.

We invite you to greet and meet us! Let's have a chat and listen to the natural wonders you can discover in El Salvador and the Central American region!!!

Nanch Tours在萨尔瓦多和中美洲地区拥有30多年的旅游和运输行业经验,保证了令人难以置信的全新体验!


Nanch Tours提供旅游套餐,创造一个美妙的体验,探索萨尔瓦多令人惊叹的自然美景。此外,可根据游客要求创建新套餐。

Transportes JAP是一家与Nanch Tours合作的运输公司,拥有100多辆车可满足旅游需求。




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