Northern Lights Village Saariselkä Oy

Northern Lights Village Saariselkä Oy

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Two brands at two destinations in Northern Finland-Lapland. Northern Lights Village during Autumn and winter and Midnight Sun Village at summer time. We provide exclusive service and unique accommodation in Glass roofed aurora cabins (glass igloo) We have 80 aurora cabins and 700m2 lapland restaurant and sauna area at Saariselkä (near Ivalo airport) and 40 Aurora cabins and lapland restaurant at Levi (near Kittilä airport) Summer services at Saariselkä resort only. We have provide all activities our self like, Husky safaris, snowmobile safaris, reindeer farm, aurora camps and hunting, skiing, snowshoeing and much more! Have a look our website and be amazed!
We have created online booking system to make your and our life easier between time difference and to get fast answers for your guests:)
I am looking forward to meet you at Itb China 2019
Warm regards from cold Lapland,
Markku Inkilä, Founder and CEO, Northern Lights Village Saariselkä-Levi & Saariselkä Husky Oy

我们在芬兰北部 - 拉普兰拥有两间度假村。在秋天和冬天伴随美妙的北极光,在夏日季节会有午夜太阳的奇观。我们提供完美服务和独特玻璃屋顶住宿。我们在萨利色尔卡(伊瓦洛机场附近)有80栋极光小屋和700平方米的拉普兰餐厅和桑拿区。在莱维(基蒂莱机场附近)有40栋极光小屋和拉普兰餐厅。夏天仅限萨利色尔卡度假村开放服务。我们提供最受欢迎的户外活动,哈士奇之旅,雪地摩托之旅,驯鹿农场,极光野营和追踪,滑雪,雪鞋行走等等!欢迎查看我们的网站,您一定会感到惊讶!
我很期待在Itb China 2019见到您.

MarkkuInkilä,北极光村萨尔色利卡-莱维和Saariselkä Husky Oy创始人兼首席执行官


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