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Norway Yacht Charter Ltd

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Norway Yacht Charter & Boat service Sightseeing Ltd is the largest operator and owner of fjord cruises and sightseeing boats on the Oslo fjord. Our fleet consists of classic wooden sailboats measuring between 20 and 35 meters, classic yacht and classic sightseeing boats.
Our boats are booked by Norwegian and international travel agencies for corporate meetings, during conventions and conferences and sightseeing for groups between 8 and 600 guests. and individuals. We arrange music trips like Jazz Cruise and Blues Cruise. These are very popular by the locals of Oslo.

There is a lot to see and experience in the Oslo Fjord, among of them is when you decide to Take our 2hrs Sightseeing Tours or even Evening Cruise with Shrimps Buffet on board, you will be able to experience the beauty of Oslo Fjord by passing through narrow sounds, idyllic bays and through a maze of islands with small summer houses, with its superb location.
Discover the scenery from a sightseeing boat. You’ll sail past numerous islands, including Hovedøya and the Dyna Lighthouse, Opera House in Oslo (It was designed by the architectural firm Snøhetta AS, which won an architectural competition in 2000. It was officially opened on 12 April 2008. The building has received many awards.
Then the boat will passes close to the peninsula of Bygdøy, with many interesting museums i.e Kon-Tiki Museum-Houses exhibits from the expeditions of Thor Heyerdahl, Viking Ship Museum, Norwegian Maritime Museum, Fram Museum and Norwegian Museum of cultural History.The business was established in 1917 and employs ca 100 persons.
The company has all the necessary licenses and safety regulations provided by the Norwegian Government. All our passengers are insured through International Insurance Company.

挪威游艇租赁和游船观光服务有限公司是目前奥斯陆峡湾最大的峡湾游览从业公司,同时也是奥斯陆峡湾游览行业引领者。我们拥有20米 到35米大小不同的经典木制帆船 ,豪华游艇和观光游船。我们为挪威公司和国际旅游公司提供服务,根据客户要求接待8人到600人不等的团组,提供峡湾游览和会议期间游览等业务。
团组可选择我们经典的两小时奥斯陆峡湾游览,领略风光宜人美丽的海湾,诗意田园的小岛景致。也可选择傍晚落日游船游览,欣赏令人赞叹的峡湾落日风光,同时在船上大快朵颐挪威著名的北极虾。您会经过众多的风光迤逦的小岛,包括Hovedøya岛,Dyna灯塔小岛,奥斯陆歌剧院等地。(歌剧院是挪威著名的建筑师事务所Snøhetta AS所设计的,2000设计中标,2008歌剧院正式竣工对外开放。此建筑获奖无数。)我们的游船还会经过Bygdøy半岛,这个岛上拥有很多著名的博物馆,例如,Kon-Tiki博物馆藏有Thor Heyerdahl先生探险时的木筏;岛上还有维京船博物馆,挪威海事博物馆,Fram号科考船博物馆;挪威民俗博物馆。


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