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Oguzabat HJ

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We are a travel agency based in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. We began to work in this field in early 2017. In fact, our company has been operating in Turkmenistan since 2008 as Trade & Consulting Company named “Oguzabat” Economic Society. Now we run our business in both industries, which has a lot in common according to us. For travel activities, we are known as Oguztour. Oguztour provides various services not only for tourists, such as guided tours in Turkmenistan, hotel reservation, visa support, translation services etc., but also for businesspersons, such as organization of meetings, conferences, and arrangement of participation in exhibitions held in Turkmenistan. We offer trips for all of you no matter what kind of traveler you are; from just one person to large groups we use all available means to make the trip enjoyable and worthwhile. Besides the ready tours, we can help you to plan a customized one according to your situation, interests, expectations and budget. Or if you are looking for something a little more off the beaten track, we have some destinations for you. The site will help you to get more information about the places to visit, travel tips, tours and much more.

我们是一家总部设在土库曼斯坦阿什哈巴德的旅行社。我们于2017年初开始在这一领域工作。事实上,我们公司自2008年以来一直在土库曼斯坦经营,其贸易和咨询公司命名为“Oguzabat”旅游和商业公司。现在我们在这两个行业开展业务,这些行业有很多共同点。对于旅行活动,我们被称为Oguztour。 Oguztour不仅为游客提供各种服务,例如土库曼斯坦的导游,预订酒店,签证服务,翻译服务等,还为商人提供各种服务,例如组织会议,会议和安排参加在土库曼斯坦举办的展览。无论您是哪种旅行者,我们都为您提供旅行服务;从一个人到一个大型团体,我们使用一切可用的方式使旅行愉快和有价值。除了准备好的旅行,我们可以帮助您根据您的情况,兴趣,期望和预算计划定制旅游。或者如果您正在寻找一些远离人迹罕至的地方,我们为您准备了一些目的地。该网站将帮助您获得有关旅游景点,旅游提示,旅游等的更多信息。


Gurbannazar Ezizow 19/4
744000 Ashgabat

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