Ötztal Tourism

Ötztal Tourism

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The Ötztal is a popular year-round holiday region with 3.5 million bed nights per year, ranking among Austria's top travel destinations. Stretching from Haiming to Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, the Ötztal has many adventures, sports, activities, entertainment and highlights to offer in summer and winter alike. Unlimited action or calming and relaxing places amidst the majestic landscape await our guests between 650 and 3774 meters above sea level.

Location: The Ötztal valley is located in the heart of the Tirolean Alps at only 85 km from Innsbruck and 285 km from Munich. Therefore it is easily accessible from the surrounding airports.

Website: www.oetztal.com www.soelden.com www.obergurgl.com

奥茨山谷是一个广受欢迎的全年度假地,游客的年度间夜数达到350万,属于奥地利的最佳旅游目的地之一。从最北端的海明一直延伸至最南端的上古格尔-豪贺古奇, 奥茨山谷拥有着众多的夏季和冬季都可提供的探险,体育运动,各类活动,娱乐以及热点项目。没有边际的活动和休闲舒缓场所融入在了如画的景致当中,在650米至3774米的海拔中期待着我们顾客的光临。


网址: www.oetztal.com www.soelden.com www.obergurgl.com


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