Ötztal Tourism

Ötztal Tourism

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Scenic Ötztal at 47 km west of Innsbruck is a tempting destination in both summer and winter easy accessible and surrounded by airports e.g. Innsbruck, Vienna, Munich, or Zurich. The year-round holiday destination is promising a great variety of exciting mountain exploration in fresh air. Visitors of all ages await a truly wide range of attractions: awe-inspiring panoramic views surrounded by 250 peaks beyond 3000 meters, glaciers, authentic and naturally grown mountain villages, rushing waterfalls and crystal clear Alpine lakes, AQUA DOME thermal spa oasis, countless kilometers of immaculate ski runs plus an infinite number of outdoor activities. Europe’s most crazy and trendy Outdoor Playground, the AREA 47 located at the valley’s entrance, boasts action packed trends and outdoor sports. Another unique experience not to be missed is 007 ELEMENTS – a new James Bond cinematic installation built inside the summit of the Gaislachkogl mountain at 3.048 m above sea level in Sölden.

奥茨山谷景区位于因斯布鲁克以西47公里处,这里是闻名的夏季与冬季的度假地,奥茨山谷交通便利,便捷往来因斯布鲁克、维也纳、慕尼黑或苏黎世机场。这一山地旅游度假地全年空气清新。游客不分老幼,均可参与各类体验活动:诸如环绕250座三千米以上山峰的阿尔卑斯全景画面,终年积雪的冰川,原汁原味自然和谐的山间村落,冲浪于激流瀑布或观赏清澈的阿尔卑斯高山湖泊,AQUA DOME特色温泉理疗度假村,雪季悠长的滑雪道以及无数的户外活动。欧洲最疯狂和最时尚的夏季户外水世界,位于山谷入口处的AREA 47,一处动感十足的潮流和户外运动场所。另外一处终极体验地,既是007 ELEMENTS - 在索尔登海拔3048米的盖斯拉口山之巅建造的最新詹姆斯邦德电影主题体验馆。


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