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Outpie Traveling Agency

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Outpie Traveling Agency (OTA) was established in September 2015 and its European headquarters is based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, the “European Silicon Valley”. The professional localized product development team of OTA has always focused on the most cutting-edge European deep travel products. By February 2017, OTA has developed more than 200 such products for customers, and they cover major European countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czech, Italy, West Portugal, the Nordic countries, and Greece, as well as small European destinations such as Iceland, Romania, Bulgaria, the Tenerife Islands, and Malta. OTA always attaches importance to the needs of partners and listens to the voice from the market. We will tailor the following products and services for you: 1. Product design services: tailor-made exclusive travel products and services 2. Fragile resources platform: providing inquiries about combined prices and optimal combinations of a variety of travel products and services for partners; 3. European localization service platform: providing all kinds of professional manpower services that different “traveling” needs, including shuttling, driver-guide, and online customer service; 4. Deep strategic cooperation: jointly exploring the freshest European travel plans and destinations and jointly developing future-oriented travel experience products and services.

奥派旅行成立于2015年9月,欧洲总部位于“欧洲硅谷”荷兰埃因霍温。奥派旅行本地化的专业产品开发团队,始终专注于可发最前沿的欧洲深度旅行产品。截止到2017年2月奥派旅行已为客户开发200余款欧洲深度旅行产品,涉及荷比法,德奥瑞捷,意大利,西葡,北欧四国,希腊等欧洲主流国家以及冰岛,罗马尼亚,保加利亚,特纳里夫群岛,马耳他等众多欧洲小众目的地。奥派旅行始终重视合作伙伴的需求,始终倾听来自市场的声音。我们将为您量身定制以下产品和服务:1. 产品设计服务:量身打造专属旅游产品和服务2. 碎片化资源平台: 为合作伙伴提供各种旅行产品和服务的拼接询价与最优组合3. 欧洲本地化服务平台:提供各类可满足“出行中”需求的专业人工服务,包含接送机,司兼导,在线客服等4. 深度战略合作:共同探索最新鲜的欧洲旅行玩法和目的地,共同开发面向未来的旅行体验产品和服务


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5656 AE Eindhoven

Product Groups

  • Incoming Agencies
  • Customized Tours
  • Travel Management Companies
  • Destination Management Companies
  • Luxury Tour operators/Travel agencies