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Headquartered in Hong Kong, Plaza Premium Group is the pioneer and industry leader in providing Premium Airport Services in over 160 locations of 42 international airports across the world, with a collective goal of ‘enhancing your airport experience’.
The Group comprises four core airport services, Airport Lounge, Airport Transit Hotel, Airport Meet & Greet Service, and Airport Dining. The international Premium Airport Services brand strives to make the airport experience exceptional for all travellers, by comfort, convenience, value and with our love and care by going beyond expectations and redefining the airport experience, whether arrived at, departure from or in transit through airport.
With more than 20 years of experience, the Group currently employs over 5,000 staff and serves over 14 million travellers around the world annually. The Group is dedicated to providing quality services and possesses proprietary knowledge in airport hospitality industry. By continuously surpassing travellers’ expectation, the Group’s network is rapidly growing across major international airports around the world.
To be the household name and world class Premium Airport Services provider
Meet every customer’s expectations and deliver total satisfaction
Strive for sustainable growth through innovation in services, market expansion, cost effectiveness and operation efficiency
Cultivate a people-oriented culture conducive to teamwork, creativity and personal development
Promote civic-mindedness and social responsibilities

Plaza Premium Group总部位于香港,是全球42个国际机场中160多个地点提供优质机场服务的先驱和行业领导者,其共同目标是“提升您的机场体验”。集团拥有四大核心机场服务:机场休息室、机场中转酒店、机场迎宾服务、机场餐饮。国际优质机场服务品牌,以舒适、方便、价值、爱与关怀,超越预期,重新定义机场体验,无论是抵港、离港或过境机场,致力为所有旅客提供卓越的机场体验。拥有20多年的经验,集团目前拥有5000多名员工,每年为全球1400多万名旅客提供服务。本集团致力提供优质服务,并拥有专业的机场服务知识。通过不断超越旅客的期望,该集团的网络正在全球主要国际机场迅速发展。愿景成为家喻户晓的世界级机场服务供应商任务满足每一位客户的期望,提供全面的满意通过服务创新、市场拓展、成本效益和运营效率,努力实现可持续增长培养一种以人为本的文化,有利于团队合作、创造力和个人发展促进公民意识和社会责任


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