Polar Latitudes

Polar Latitudes

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In 2010 a group of very experienced polar specialists set about creating a new kind of expeditionary voyage company. “At the time the industry was trending towards larger ships” says John McKeon, President. “We bucked that trend because we wanted to deliver an experience characterized by a feeling of adventure & camaraderie, and that kind of atmosphere can only be sustained on smaller vessels.”
“At the same time we wanted to provide our guests with comfortable accommodations, and the unique touches that you’d find at a well-run boutique hotel, so we structured our business to accommodate those services.”
Now in its 9th season of operation, Polar Latitudes has succeeded in doing just that. The company offers all-suite accommodations (some with private balconies), as well as special touches like complimentary wine and beer with dinner, live music, and top-of-the-line complimentary voyage jackets from internationally renowned nautical gear provider Helly Hansen.
“We are currently operating two, sister-ship, both with the same atmosphere of adventure, camaraderie and comfort that our guests have come to expect. Both ships are nearly at capacity for 2019-2020” says McKeon, “and we have received a number of charter requests for the 2021-20 season. It’s gratifying to know that the kind of seasoned travelers who tend to visit Antarctica appreciate our vision and the effort that has gone into achieving it.”

Polar Latitudes极地维度--南极精品游轮探险公司是由一群经验丰富的极地专家和业内高管团队创立于2010年,总部位于美国佛蒙特州,立志于打造体验式的小型游轮探险航程,让乘客能享受极致的专业探险和愉悦的精品酒店般的船上氛围。
公司旗下有两艘全套房式、百人级的南极轻奢小型游轮Hebridean Sky和Island Sky,秉承古典优雅的风格,精致餐食、各种酒水、现场音乐、国际顶尖的极地冲锋衣一应俱全。我们的宗旨是为南极探险旅行者提供最具性价比的体验和服务,并以成功完成了9个南极季的运营。期待与您同行,探索第七大陆之美!


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