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About Qatar National Tourism Council (QNTC)

Qatar National Tourism Council’s mission is to firmly establish Qatar on the global map as a place where cultural authenticity meets modernity, and where people of the world come together to experience unique offerings in culture, sports, business and family entertainment.

The NTC’s work is guided by the Qatar National Tourism Sector Strategy (QNTSS), which seeks to diversify the country’s tourism offering and increase the sector’s contribution to Qatar’s economy by 2030. In 2017, the Next Chapter of QNTSS was launched, charting the next five years (2018-2023) of the tourism sector’s growth.

In 2018, QNTC launched the country's first global integrated campaign under the tagline Qatar. Qurated for you. Curating requires professional or expert knowledge to select, organise and present unique experiences. As such, the Qurated campaign plays on the word's definition and the destination brand's iconic Q to underscore the country's focus on delivering visitor-centric experiences.

Since launching QNTSS, Qatar has welcomed over 10 million visitors. The economic impact of the tourism sector in Qatar is becoming increasingly visible with 2016 estimates showing a total (direct and indirect) contribution to Qatar’s GDP of 6.7%.


卡塔尔国家旅游委员会(QNTC)推出了卡塔尔国家旅游产业战略(QNTSS), 旨在实现该国旅游业的多元化,并计划在2030年前增加旅游业在经济上的贡献。卡塔尔国家旅游产业战略新篇章(Next Chapter of QNTSS)在2017年正式启动,对未来五年(2018— 2023)旅游业的增长进行长远规划。



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