Regione del Veneto

Regione del Veneto

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Veneto, the land of Venice. But also art cities like Verona, with the famous Arena and Juliet's balcony, Vicenza, town of Palladio, Padua, rich in art and spirituality and the medieval Treviso; the delightfulness of the Lake Garda; the majesty of the Dolomites, a paradise for skiing; the unique wet environment of the river Po delta; long and lively beaches for the summer; from the heritage of about 4,000 Venetian Villas to the hills an ideal place for sport and wine tours, from the thermal resorts to the best golf courses you can expect, the list of treasures that make this region a top tourist destination in every season is long. In addition to the numerous cultural, entertainment and sports events organized throughout the region, Veneto offers the pleasures of fine food and wine thanks to its rich and valued gourmet tradition.

威尼托大区,威尼斯所在之地。但这里不仅只有威尼斯,还有以古罗马竞技场和朱丽叶的阳台而举世闻名的艺术之城维罗纳; 著名建筑大师帕拉迪奥的故乡维琴察;富有艺术与灵性的帕多瓦;保持中世纪面貌的特雷维索,以及美丽的加尔达湖、威严的白云石山、环境独特且潮湿的波河三角洲、漫长而热闹的海滩。这里的旅游资源是如此的丰富: 从大约4,000个古老的威尼斯别墅到像花园一样的山丘,从温泉度假村到最美的高尔夫球场。每个季节这里都有众多让人流连忘返的旅游景点,这使威尼托成为世界顶级的旅游目的地。除了丰富的文化、娱乐和体育活动外,威尼托的美食传统源远流长,其生产的葡萄酒更是享誉全球。


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