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Restel Hotel Group

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Restel Hotel Group belongs to Restel Ltd, which is the largest and most diverse hotel and restaurant company in Finland with 43 comfortable hotels ranging from high-quality hotels in city centre, distinctive hotels in midst of pristine nature and spas to some of Finland’s most legendary and best quality hotels. Restel Ltd has as well more than 230 restaurants throughout Finland. Restel Hotel Group includes international Crowne Plaza Helsinki, Hotel Indigo Helsinki-Boulevard, Holiday Inn hotels, Cumulus City and Resort hotels in Finland as well as Hotel Seurahuone in Helsinki. Restel hotels are perfect choice for business and leisure as well as for an effective conference or a memorable incentive.

Restel Hotel Group
PL 72, FI-00501 Helsinki, Finland
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乐事多酒店集团(Restel Hotel Group )

乐事多酒店集团(Restel Hotel Group )属于乐事多公司,这是芬兰最大的多元化的酒店和餐饮公司,共有43家舒适的酒店,从城市中心的高品质酒店、原始自然和温泉特色酒店到芬兰最为传奇的、质量最好的酒店。乐事多公司在芬兰也拥有超过230家餐厅。乐事多酒店集团有赫尔辛基国际皇冠假日酒店、赫尔辛基大道英迪格酒店、假日酒店、芬兰的积云城市和度假酒店,以及赫尔辛基色拉豪尔酒店。乐事多酒店是商务和休闲人士的完美选择,也是有效的会议或难忘的奖励旅行的不二之选。

芬兰赫尔辛基72号大厦 FI-00501


Hämeentie 19
00500 Helsinki

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