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Restel is one of the largest worldwide hotel reservation centers. Integrated in the Touristic Area of the Grupo Hotusa, the Company commercializes more than 200.000 establishments all around the world and achieved a turnover of more than 315M euros in 2015.Created in 1982, Restel has an extensive experience of the market and is present today in 175 countries and over 10 000 destinations, allowing the company to offer a wide range of independent hotels as well as chain hotels, ensuring the reliability and quality of these ones.Restel’s advanced technology guarantees an access to its portfolio with real time viability. whether through its extranet for professionals or its API, the company provides services to more than 1000 distributors ; from online agency to worldwide tours operators.Currently, Restel has headquarters in Madrid and strengthens its international presence with offices in Barcelona, Rome, Naples, Milan, Lisbon, Oporto, Paris, Lyon, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Mexico City, Cancun, Bangkok and Singapore . A wide network that makes Restel one of the major companies of the tourism industry.Within Grupo Hotusa, Restel plays a highly strategic role being a key player in the distribution structure of the Hotusa Hotels and Keytel associated hotels, the world’s leading hotel representation companies.In 2017, the new Restel Hotels branch will begin its specialized activity in hotel contracting allowing Restel to focus on marketing and distribution.

Restel是全球最大的酒店预订中心之一。属于Grupo Hotusa旗下旅游经营商,公司和世界各地的200,000多家机构展开了商业合作,并在2015年实现了超过3,15亿欧元的营业额。Restel于1982年创立,拥有丰富的市场经验,目前在175个国家和超过10,000个目的地开展业务,使公司能够提供种类繁多的独立酒店和连锁酒店,并确保这些酒店的可靠性和质量。 Restel的先进技术保证了对其酒店资源库的实时访问。无论是通过其专业外联网还是其API接口,公司向1000多家分销商提供服务;从在线旅行社到全球旅游运营商。目前,Restel总部设在马德里,在巴塞罗那,罗马,那不勒斯,米兰,里斯本,波尔图,巴黎,里昂,布宜诺斯艾利斯,圣保罗,波哥大,墨西哥城,坎昆,曼谷和新加坡皆设有办事处。广泛的网络使Restel成为旅游业的主要公司之一。在Grupo Hotusa中,作为世界领先的酒店代表公司,Restel发挥着高度战略性的作用,是Hotusa酒店和Keytel相关酒店的分销结构中的关键角色。在2017年, Restel新的酒店分公司品牌将开始其签约酒店的专业活动,这将允许Restel专注于市场营销和分销。



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