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Restel is one of the largest worldwide hotel reservation centers. Integrated in the Touristic Area of the Grupo Hotusa, the Company commercializes more than 120.000 hotels all around the world. Present today in 175 countries and over 10 000 destinations.
Restel’s advanced technology guarantees an acces to its portfolio with real time avaibility. whether through its extranet for professionals or its API, the company provides services to more than 10.000 distributors ; from online agency to worldwide tours operators and hotel consolidators.

In 2017 new branch, Beds4travel, began contracting hotels in order to exponentially expand Restel’s direct contracts base. Nowadays Restel has almost 20.000 direct contracts, including some of the world best known brands such as Hilton, Shangri-la, Rotana, Best Western, Jumeirah or Starwood

Restel是全球最大的酒店预订中心之一。隶属于Grupo Hotusa旗下的旅游经营业务板块,公司和世界各地的超过120.000多家酒店展开了商业合作. 迄今为止在175个国家和10.000多个目的地有商业合作。



在2017年,新成立的分公司Beds4travel开始签约酒店,以扩大Restel的直签产品为目标。 如今,Restel拥有近20.000份酒店直签合约,其中包括世界知名品牌,如希尔顿,香格里拉,罗塔纳,贝斯特韦斯特,卓美亚或喜达屋等酒店集团


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Product Groups

  • Hotels/hotel chains
  • Hotel representatives
  • Business Travel Agencies
  • Reservation and Booking Technologies
  • Luxury accommodation