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DCS River Cruises and much more DCS Touristik GmbH - a family owned company is a globally active organiser for River Cruises with vessels on Europes most beautiful rivers - Danube, Main and Rhine. We are organising river cruises for more than 15 years and established ourselves as a river cruise specialist, either for groups, individuals or charter. Some of our themes and most popular cruises:* 6/8/11 day cruises on the river danube, including some of europes most beautiful capitals - Vienna, Budabest, Bratislava, Belgrade* 5/6/7/8 day cruises on the river rhine, including Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands * Tulip cruise Amsterdam - The faszination of millions of flowers and one of the most beautiful gardens in the world* Netherlands and Belgium including Brugge, venice of the north and Flanders with its rich art treasures* Rhine in Flames - an international event with over 100.000 visitors each year, see europes biggest convoy of ships, along fascinating and romantic castles and palaces with unforgetable fireworks on and along the river We have interest in: international business partners, travel agencies, wholesaler and new distribution partners that like to share our passion for showing their guests an unforgetable way of traveling in the most comfortable and worriless way - Cast Off!

DCS 河畔巡游,发现更多 DCS旅游有限公司是一家面向全球提供河运旅行服务的家族企业,我们的航线途经欧洲最美的航道:多瑙河畔,美因河畔以及莱茵河畔 我们15年来一直致力于打造河运旅行服务,无论是团体,个人,还是租赁服务,我们都是这一行业的专家首选。我们所提供的航行主题以及一些最受欢迎的航线包括 6/8/11天 多瑙河沿岸 巡游欧洲最美首府:维也纳,布达佩斯,布拉迪斯拉发,贝尔格莱德5/6/7/8天 莱茵河沿岸 巡游德国,法国,比利时,荷兰阿姆斯特丹郁金香之旅 沉静在花海梦境之中,畅游世界最美花园 荷兰比利时之旅涵盖被誉为“北部威尼斯”的城市布鲁日,以及充满丰厚艺术珍宝的城市弗兰德斯烟火莱茵之旅 每年超过十万人的国际盛事,观看欧洲最大的航船游行,在两岸烟火的簇拥下,尽享沿岸浪漫绝伦的古堡宫殿风光,一次难以忘怀的旅程。 我们有意寻找:国际商务合作伙伴,旅行社,各种形式的其他合作伙伴与我们共同用热情为我们的顾客提供最令人难忘的舒适无忧的旅行方式。现在就起航


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