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Where to go in Europe? - The European Culture Guide
The European Culture Guide is the information platform of european cultural providers. The best cultural sites and events from all over Europe are presented here.
Festivals, museums, opera and theater houses, cultural regions and UNESCO World Heritage sites are presented at international trade fairs as well as in print and online media to a wide audience of experts and visitors from all over the world.

European Culture Guide is a brand of SIMsKultur.
SIMsKultur has been successfully present at the ITB Berlin for 8 years with its cultural exchange and will expand its activities to Asia from 2019 as "European Culture Guide".
Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the culture in Europe and to benefit successfully from the high profit rates of cultural tourism as well as educational and study trips.

Bring culture into your travels!
With its rich, unique cultural heritage and variety of cultural offerings, Europe is a popular destination for cultural tourists from all over the world. Every seventh tourist comes to Europe for cultural reasons. Cultural trips to Europe have increased by around 30 percent.

去歐洲哪兒? - 歐洲文化指南

European Culture Guide是SIMsKultur的品牌。



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