Salvadoran Tourism Corporation

Salvadoran Tourism Corporation

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The Salvadoran Tourism Corporation is an autonomous institution, created with the purpose of promoting the most attractive places in the country, encouraging foreign and national investment. CORSATUR function is to permanently promote El Salvador, at national and international level, as a tourist destination, in coordination with the different actors of the sector.
It is an autonomous institution with legal personality and own patrimony, with full authority to exercise rights and contract obligations. Performs administrative suggestion with absolute independence, subject to the decisions of its Board of Directors, you take them according to the laws of the Republic and is responsible for its management in full. Is it related to any public entity through the Ministry of tourism.



Edificio Carbonel #2, Colonia Roma, Alameda Dr Manuel Enrique Araujo, Pasaje Carbonel
 San Salvador
El Salvador

Product Groups

  • Tourism Boards
  • Hotels/hotel chains
  • Adventure Tours
  • Town Sightseeing Tours/ Walks
  • Customized Tour