Salzburg State Board of Tourism

Salzburg State Board of Tourism

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The Salzburg State Board of Tourism
The Salzburg State Board of Tourism is the official tourism organisation for the State of Salzburg, responsible for both marketing and advertising. The organisation cooperates very closely with all Salzburg-based incoming agencies and fully supports all measures to promote travel into Salzburg with brochures, videos, slides, shell folders, familiarization tours and other joint efforts as may arise.

The State of Salzburg
The State of Salzburg (7,154 km2) consists of five distinctive districts with 185 lakes and 120 mountains at elevations beyond 3,000 m. Located geographically in Austria's centre, it has 529,500 inhabitants, 120 vacation resorts with a total of 193,000 guest beds, 11 spas, 7,200 km of marked hiking trails, 13 golf courses, 10 adventure-sports schools, 2,000 km of well-marked cycling trails, 4,000 mountain bike paths, 1,700 groomed ski slopes, 2,200 km of cross-country trails and 110 ski schools.

Summer: The State of Salzburg, where the hills truly are alive with the sound of music, offers landscapes of unsurpassed variety with crystal-clear lakes, majestic mountains, green meadows, picturesque villages and a world-famous capital filled with an array of spectacular cultural events.



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