Sar-El Tours and Conferences

Sar-El Tours and Conferences

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We are a unique company in many ways but what really sets us apart from others is that we truly want to see you connect to what God has for you in Israel. The owner of Sar-El Tours, Samuel Smadja, is the son of a pastor and his heart’s desire is that you experience Israel and the depth of revelation that God offers those who seek His face. Your Bible will never get dusty again as you see the real places like Capernaum, Mt. of Olives, and Jerusalem!
Samuel chose not to follow in his father’s footsteps in ministry and chose instead to serve Christians worldwide through Sar-El Tours. By the grace of God, Samuel has built Sar-El from scratch over 20 years so that now we are one of the largest agencies focused on Christian Tourism to Israel.
We say we are unique, proven, committed, and more. We would like to share with you more clearly and concisely why we feel that with us you get more – you get “The Sar-El Difference.”

我们公司在许多方面都是独一无二的,但真正让我们与众不同的是,我们真的希望看到你们与上帝在以色列为你们所做的一切取得联系。SAR EL旅游公司的负责人是塞缪尔 司马亚,他是牧师的儿子。他的愿望是,您可以体验以色列,体会上帝给那些找寻他的人的启示。当您真实地领略了迦百农、橄榄山和耶路撒冷这些地方的风采时,您将会变成一名虔诚的教徒。塞缪尔选择不在教堂跟随他父亲的脚步,而是通过SAR EL旅游服务于全世界基督徒。因为神的恩典,塞缪尔白手起家建立Sar El已超过20年,目前我们是专注于到以色列的基督教之旅的最大的机构之一。我们说我们是独一无二的、专注的、甚至更多。我们想更清楚简洁地与大家分享为什么我们觉得在我们这儿您能得到更多-您得到的是“因为Sar El,所以不同”


8 HaHoshen
90805 Mevaseret Zion / Jerusalem

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