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Saxony Tourism

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The aim of Saxony Tourism (Tourismus Marketing Gesellschaft Sachsen mbH TMGS) is to place the destination Saxony on the German and international market. Saxony(Sachsen) is Germany's no.1 cultural destination. Saxony was ruled by one royal family (Wettin) for 829 years. Saxony offers a great history, fantastic architecture, a rich musical heritage, some of the best art collections in the world and fascinating traditions, as well as beautiful landscapes. The rigion is also famous for hand-crafted luxury products and car manufacturing. Saxony Tourism is represented in China by Mr. Victor Xu (Chief representative) and Mr. Andrew Leung, and has a dedicated website

德国萨克森州旅游局 (萨克森旅游市场推广有限公司 TMGS) 的目标是要把萨克森这旅游胜地推广於德国及国际市场上。萨克森州是德国数一数二的文化旅游目的地,曾经被韦廷 (Wettin) 王族统治长达 829 年。萨克森州拥有辉煌的历史、精美的建筑和美妙的音乐宝藏。悠久的历史与壮美的风景,构成了萨克森的旅游亮点。萨克森地区是著名的手工名品的产地和欧洲汽车的发源地。萨克森州旅游局已在中国设立推广代表处,首席代表为徐胜利先生,华南及香港经理为梁祥宽先生。更多资讯欢迎访问我们的网址。


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