Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts Vienna

Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts Vienna

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Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts Vienna
The Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts were founded in 1997 and are produced by the Viennese company WKE Konzert- & EventveranstaltungsgmbH, which is a full service event agency in Vienna.

WKE is the exclusive concert producer in the Orangery of the Schoenbrunn Palace which is a UNESCO world heritage site.

WKE also provides individual programmes for private or corporate events and is seeking customers in the tourism sector who bring guests to Vienna and who would be interested in the daily evening programme which combines an evening tour of the Schönbrunn Palace with a dinner in the palace restaurant, wine tasting in the VIP Lounge and a wonderful concert.

美泉宮音樂會成立於1997年,由維也納公司WKE Konzert-&EventveranstaltungsgmbH製作,該公司是維也納的一家提供全方位服務的活動機構。

WKE是Schoenbrunn Palace橘園的獨家音樂會製作人,該宮是聯合國教科文組織世界遺產。



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