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Shanghai Jinjiang Travel Holding Co., Ltd

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Jin Jiang International (Holdings) Co. Ltd. is one of the largest comprehensive tourism enterprises in China. To date, itssubsidiary hotel management group has stepped into the Top Five Worldwide Ranking. In its travel and tourism sector, which isone of the group’ s core businesses, Shanghai Jin Jiang Travel Holdings Co., Ltd. secures even more market competitivenessafter strategically merging and restructuring several famous Chinese travel agencies, including Shanghai CITS, Huating Overseas Travel, Shanghai CTS, Shanghai Travel Agency and Shanghai Jin Jiang Travel itself. All of them have joined hands together to build their brand of “Jin Jiang Travel” .
“Jin Jiang Travel” operates in outbound, domestic and inbound tourism, and MICE business. To be more specific, our outbound tourism operation encompasses 150 ADS countries and regions around the world; we have remained Shanghai’s No.1 in terms of inbound tourism capacity; we have continued to develop a strong portfolio of marketable
tourism products ranging from the Polar Region tourism, transnational road trips, study tours, and international cruise tours, to name just a few. Most notably, as key suppliers and authorized hospitality providers for many world-class meetings and up-scaled business events, we have further cement our leading position in the
services of the 9th Global Conference on Health Promotion Shanghai 2016, the 4th Summit of Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia 2014, World Expo Shanghai 2010, etc. Besides, Fortune 500 Companies like Pfizer, Bosch and Siemens are among the list of our corporate clients who entrust us with their travel management or MICE service supply.
With full support from Jin Jiang International (Group) in plentiful hotel capacity, customer resource and capital strength, Shanghai Jin Jiang Travel Holdings Co. Ltd. will give full play to its potential in optimizing resources available and networking target audience especially repeat customers.


“锦江旅游”业务覆盖了公民出境、国内旅游、入境旅游、商务会奖旅游、会议展览服务等。其中公民出境旅游业务网络覆盖全球150 个ADS 旅游目的地国家和地区;入境旅游接待能力始终保持上海第一;公司开发的极地旅游、跨境自驾旅游、修学旅游、国际游轮旅游等产品广受市场青睐。公司也是各项重大会议和高端商务团队的重要接待服务供应商,成功服务了2016 年第九届全球健康促进大会、2014年上海亚信峰会、2010 年上海世博会等重大活动。同时,公司也是辉瑞、博世、西门子等国际500 强企业的差旅、会奖服务供应商。




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