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Shopeur GmbH

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SHOPEUR is a new mobile multi-brand platform with pre-order feature for luxury products in Europe tailored to the specific needs of sophisticated Chinese travellers.

The current lack of direct interaction between Chinese travellers and European luxury brands pre-trip results in often disappointing situations for Chinese customers, because the availability of desired products can often not be guaranteed once travellers arrive at specific stores.

More than 80% of Chinese travellers to Europe research desired products online before they embark on their journeys to the West. 70% of Chinese travellers use travel apps for their travel planning, but there is currently no application with a pre-order feature for luxury goods like SHOPEUR.

In addition, the growing number of individual travellers from China without local tour guides face language barriers on their journeys broad. They also experience difficulties finding their way to brand stores at destination level.

SHOPEUR will enable Chinese travellers to reach out to European luxury brands pre-trip and place pre-orders directly, navigate to brand stores with the help of the app and pay with popular cardless payment solutions such as AliPay and WePay which have been integrated into the SHOPEUR retail app. This will lead to a more personal and pleasant travel experience for visitors from China.

SHOPEUR will launch its service by the end of January 2017 just in time for Chinese New Year. SHOPEUR covers all major European destinations and travel hotspots for our guests from China."


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