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Sicily by Car

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"Sicily by Car" S.p.A. is a market leader in the car rental business and has a network of more than 60 offices in all the main cities and all the most important airports of Italy. "Sicily by Car" S.p.A., was founded by Tommaso Dragotto in 1963 and grew to a nationwide business under the brand "Auto Europa" in 1997 thanks to the experience and professionalism of the management team.

With a car fleet of more than 20.000 vehicles including city, economy, compact and intermediate cars as well as station wagons, minivans, commercial vehicles and electric cars, Sicily by Car is constantly growing and since 2017 is also operating in Tirana (Albania)

Sicily by Car S.p.A.是在租车领域中的领先公司,由Tommaso Dragotto成立于1963年。随着公司的商业发展项目,因公司领导委员会的经验,而从1997年Sicily by Car以Auto Europa品牌开展业务,此让我们公司成为一个国家大规模公司。

几年来,Sicily by Car不断地发展,在意大利主要城市共有50多个办公室、2万多辆车,其中包括城市小汽车、中型汽车、敞篷车、旅行车、小型货车、商用车和电汽车。Sicily by Car正在不断地扩展,从2017年也在阿尔巴尼亚蒂拉纳和俄罗斯莫斯科开设了地方办事处。


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