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Sound of Vienna

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"For over 15 years Sound of Vienna has been one of the biggest and professional concert organizers in Vienna. The daily Strauss & Mozart concerts are held in one of the most remarkable and well known buildings along the famous Vienna Ring Boulevard – The Kursalon.
Soon after it was built, this 150 year old building became a place for music and enchantment, mainly thanks to the Strauss Family. We are glad to be one of the few locations from where the waltz was launched. The famous golden Johann Strauss Monument therefore stands just in front of our beautiful palace.

With our own “Salon orchestra Alt Wien” we are honoured to preserve this tradition on a daily basis. The renowned musicians do not only play up to 500 concerts a year, but they have also tours throughout Europe, Asia and the US. The Orchestra is accompanied by two ballet dancers as well as two opera singers, to bring accross the Viennese charm and fame from the end of the 19th century.

A visit to the concert can be extended to an unforgetable Concert&Dinner experience as we have an in house restaurant ""Das Johann"" which can meet the expectation of the most demending gourmets.

Please click on following link to get an insight to this unique experience , which by many of our guests was described as the highlight of their stay in Vienna!"


"Mahlerstraße 5/41 c/o Johannesgasse 33"
A-1010 Wien

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