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Star Arctic Oy

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The Star Arctic Hotel is a luxury special hotel located in the Inari-Saariselkä area, 270 km north of the Arctic Circle in Lapland, Finland. This is the northernmost tourist resort in Europe. There is an excellent transportation network in the area, despite laying in the heart of the Arctic. The European highway number 75 runs through the area and it is only 25 km away from Ivalo International Airport. Here, there is a pure and touchless natural environment with a beautiful and unique landscape. The Nordic modern civilization is perfectly integrated with Lapland's own culture. With the snow of winter, midnight sun of summer and colourful surroundings of autumn, here like a fairy-tale world. Star Arctic hotel will give you an unforgettable experience.

Star Arctic Hotel is built on the top of the “Beauty Hill” of Saariselkä, the best hotel location in the region. From inside the hotel, you can experience the full view of Saariselkä and the beautiful Arctic landscapes in the distance. The hotel's exterior design blends harmoniously with the surroundings of the nature. All rooms are equipped with large glass windows facing toward the landscape - a perfect balance of modern architecture embodied with simple elegance. The hotel is an architectural masterpiece in convenient to tourists’ watching the Northern Lights and the Arctic landscape, which will bring you into a transcendental world of beauty.
All rooms have separate toilets, shower facilities, free WiFi, an electric kettle, a flat screen TV, a small refrigerator and a small safe. The luxury room also features a fireplace and a separate sauna. To get the best view of the Northern Lights and overlooking landscape, all rooms have a duplex structure with large glass windows. On the upper floors there are two single beds or one double bed. On the lower floors there is also a sofa bed suitable for two people. All rooms are ideal for any couple’s romantic stay in the heart of the Arctic or for a family of four.

One highlight of the Star Arctic Hotel is its unique and innovative glass igloo. Above the bed is a three-panel glass design. While lying on the bed and watching the sky you can feel yourself being a part of the nature. Looking at shiny stars in the sky, as if you were in a dreamland. A night filled with Lapland’s beautiful Northern Lights will take you into a magical world. Experiencing such a night in the igloo would be an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience

The restaurant and bar of the hotel can cater up to 120 people. In addition to Lapland’s local cuisine, Asian and Chinese cuisine can also be found. While dining in the restaurant, you can enjoy a perfect view of the natural landscape through the glass walls. The restaurant is also a wonderful place to watch the Northern Lights. Another highlight is hotel’s public sauna equipped with large glass windows. Guests can experience Finnish sauna while overlooking the Arctic beauty in the distance.

Star Arctic Hotel offers and organizes a variety of special tourist programs depending on the season. During winter and spring there will be a Northern Lights chasing tour, snowmobiling, reindeer sleigh safaris, husky sledging safaris, ice fishing, Arctic icebreaker trip, cross-country skiing and alpine skiing. Throughout summer, guests can experience the traditional Finnish mid-summer sun bonfire, gold mining experience trip, Kayaking rapids adventure, Urho Kekkonen national park tour and Inari Lake cruise. During August and September which is the season of ripen blueberries, there will be a blueberry picking tour and in October there will an Arctic colourful autumn tour, followed many other such activities. During summer and autumn, a one day trip to Northern Norway’s Varanger Strait will be organised, where you can taste the world-known and delicious Arctic King Crab.
Star Arctic Hotel will open on December 1st, 2017. We will do our best to serve you well, allowing

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新颖独特的玻璃雪屋别墅是北极之星酒店的亮点之 一。别墅床体上方是三面通透的超大玻璃结构,置身其中,仰望星空,宛如梦幻世界。有北极光的夜晚,躺在床上足不出户就会把您带入神奇的炫光世界。与北极光融为一体的夜晚是人生一种难得的体验。


北极之星酒店根据不同季节,提供并组织各种特色旅游项目。冬春季有北极光观赏、雪地摩托、驯鹿雪橇、北极狗雪橇、冰上垂钓、北极破冰船之旅、越野滑雪、高山滑雪和雪盆滑雪等; 夏季有北极仲夏午夜阳光篝火、淘金体验之旅、皮划艇激流探险、乌尔禾可宁国家公园之旅、易娜日湖游艇之旅等; 八、九月蓝莓成熟季节有蓝莓采摘体验游(给游客提供条件,把采摘的蓝莓自己动手制作成蓝莓汁和蓝莓酱等蓝莓制品,免费带走),10月份秋高气爽的季节有北极彩色之秋游,等等。夏秋季节还有挪威北部瓦朗厄尔峡湾观海一日游,品尝美味北极帝王蟹。



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