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Stena Line Ltd

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We are Stena Line
•One of the world’s largest ferry operators with more than 28 700 trips every year.
•Transport 7.6 million passengers, 1.7 million cars and 2.1 million freight units every year.
•38 vessels in operation on 20 ferry routes between ten countries in Northern Europe.
•5 600 employees from more than 50 nationalities.
•Leader in sustainable shipping with 300 + implemented energy saving projects.
Stena Line offers trips for every need and occasion, whether simply travelling for pleasure or en route to a destination. Stena Line provides sustainable links across Europe, taking you towards new destinations, people and cultures.

我们是Stena Line
Stena Line 满足旅行中的各种需求,无论是简单的休闲游览,还是有目的地的去往新的国家。Stena Line 提供给您多达10个国家的接连方式,使您的旅途充满各种可能,领略各个目的地的人文和风景。


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