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Sunborn Hotels and Restaurants

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Sunborn is a 40 year old, privately owned top-notch hotel and restaurant company based in Finland. We offer a premium-quality product and guest experience, operating mainly in south-west Finland. The unique and luxurious Naantali Spa Resort is located in idyllic seaside surroundings with high-quality services, gourmet restaurants and award winning conference facilities.

In the oldest town of Finland, Turku, our Ruissalo Spa Resort offers well-being at the source of nature. The Spa is located on an island, yet close to the city centre, making it a unique venue for meetings and events.

Location and connections: Our location is perfect by the Baltic sea with several alternative transportation forms in Finland and even in Scandinavia. Finnair(AY) and SAS(SK) are flying to Helsinki (HEL) and Turku (TKU) airports. Viking Line and Tallink Silja have a connection between Turku and Stockholm with four departures daily. We are used to working with different itineraries including several countries/destinations. Nearest airport is the airport of Turku (TKU), only 20 km from the spa resorts. Helsinki Airport (HEL) is 180 km, only 2 hours, from our spa resorts.

Product examples: Both of our Finnish spas are located on the west coast of Finland in the archipelago, comprising of over 20 000 islands and offering a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Combine your stay for example with treatments, midnight sun golf, boat trips to the archipelago, traditional Finnish smoke sauna, or just enjoy the beautiful pure nature. Our beautiful archipelago is a good alternative product for MICE groups in summer season.

Moominworld: The theme park is open during summer season, from 9th June to 26th August 2018. Naantali Spa being at a walking distance from the theme park. World’s first and only Moomin themed park, Moominworld, is located in Naantali. Moominworld is a tourism business which started its operations in 1993 in Naantali. It is based on the Moomin stories created by the Finnish-Swedish author and illustrator Tove Jansson. The park's aim is to implement Moomin philosophy: family unity, non-violence, friendliness, environmental awareness, safety and adventure, as well as values promoting parenting. Moominworld can easily be combined with our properties.

Our Sunborn restaurant outlets in Finland are: Snickari (Naantali), Naantalin Kaivohuone (Naantali), Logomo Kitchen (Turku, at Logomo event centre), Pinella (in Turku, by the river Aura), Helsingin Kulttuuritalo (Helsinki, Hall of Culture). Our Sunborn hotels in Europe are: Sunborn Gibraltar and Sunborn London Yacht Hotels.

Sunborn 是一家总部位于芬兰的私营顶级酒店和餐厅企业,有 40 年的历史。我们提供优质的产品和客户体验,主要在芬兰西南部经营。
我们的设施坐落于波罗的海之滨,地理位置十分理想,在芬兰以至斯堪的纳维亚都能以多种不同的交通形式往返。芬兰航空 (AY) 和北欧航空 (SK) 有飞往赫尔辛基 (HEL) 和图尔库 (TKU) 机场的航班。维京游轮公司和 Tallink Silja 每天有两班渡轮往返于图尔库和斯德哥尔摩之间。我们谙熟各种行程的接待工作,包括多个国家/目的地。最近的机场是图尔库 (TKU) 机场,距离温泉度假村仅 20 公里。赫尔辛基机场 (HEL) 距离我们的温泉度假村有 180 公里,只需 2 小时路程。
我们在芬兰的两个度假村都位于芬兰群岛(包括超过 20000 个岛屿)西海岸,提供各种室内和室外活动。您在这里住宿期间,还可以享受多种服务,例如治疗、午夜阳光高尔夫、列岛泛舟、传统的芬兰烟熏桑拿,或是单纯地享受美丽的大自然。我们美丽的群岛是 MICE 集团的一个很好的替代产品。
世界上第一个也是唯一一个姆明主题公园“姆明世界”位于楠塔利。姆明世界是一家旅游公司,于 1993 年开始在楠塔利运营。它基于由芬兰-瑞典作家和插画家托夫·扬森创造的姆明故事。该公园的目标是实践姆明哲学:家庭团结、非暴力、友好、环境意识、安全和冒险,以及提倡家庭培养的价值观念。姆明世界就在楠塔利温泉度假村附近,从楠塔利温泉度假村步行即可到达该主题公园。主题公园在夏季开放,从 2017 年 6 月至 8 月。
我们在芬兰的 Sunborn 餐厅有:Naantalin Kaivohuone(楠塔利)、Logomo Kitchen(图尔库 Logomo 活动中心)、Pinella(图尔库 Aura 河畔)、Helsingin Kulttuuritalo(赫尔辛基文化厅)。我们在欧洲的 Sunborn 酒店有:Sunborn 直布罗陀和 Sunborn 伦敦游艇酒店。


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