Surtrek – South American Travel

Surtrek – South American Travel

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A passionate team of travel designers, we at Surtrek come from a host of cultures with different languages, beliefs and perceptions, but with one key trait in common: we all have an innate thirst for exploring and a passion for experiencing life to its fullest. In essence, we are "experience designers." We design journeys with a sense of locality, exquisite taste, creative craftsmanship, an appreciative lifestyle, and factual knowledge of the destination and event. We are aware and committed to sustainable and responsible tourism; not stopping with certifications alone, but adopting this commitment as lifestyles in our everyday lives. And, above all, we seek to build long term relationships with our clients.



San Ignacio E10-114
17263 Quito

Product Groups

  • Adventure Tours
  • Young Travel 18-35
  • Safari Holidays
  • Town Sightseeing Tours/ Walks
  • Family Holidays