tantu safari and tours limited

tantu safari and tours limited

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Tantu Safari always pursues a free, deep and customized experience for clients. Its head office is in Dar es Salaam, the economic hub of Tanzania, with experienced staff from tourism industry.
Tantu provides service ranging from team travelling, business study, safari, island holiday to other featured tourism practices.
Tantu is well-connected to local hotels, airlines and other service agencies, and the good cooperation is already established. Each year, we hold reception for thousands of tourist, including family of celebrity, delegation of entrepreneurs, and business delegation. Our service are highly-praised by them.

Tantu has a good knowledge of the social resources of Tanzania, which enables it to provide considerable services for business visits, and other official activities.
The services of Tantu: air tickets booking, both international and Tanzania domeitis, car rental, hotel booking and travel around.
The service we procide: air tickets booking, both international and domestic Tanzania, car rental, hotel booking and customized tour

坦桑尼亚坦途旅行社,以“自由、深度化、个 性化旅游”为旅游理念。总部在达累斯萨拉姆,坦 桑尼亚的经济中心城市。公司成员均为资深旅游从 业者,在坦桑尼亚有多年旅游从业经验,与当地酒 店、航空公司、景区服务机构均有良好的合作关系。能够承接各种规模的团队旅游、商务考察和会议旅 游, 在组织国家野生动物园猎游(SAFARI),海岛休闲度假及其它特色旅游项目方面经验丰富,能够 为游客提供优质的旅游接待服务。每年接待游客几 千人次,曾接待过明星家属豪华团,私人企业家团 队,以及国内政府机关商务考察团,并获得客人一 致好评。


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