Team America Receptive Tour Operator

Team America Receptive Tour Operator

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Founded in 1997, TeamAmerica is a Full Service Receptive Tour Operator with offices in New York, Miami Beach & Los Angeles. We offer an extensive portfolio of 3000+ products for all major cities within the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean & South America and provide a user-friendly reservation system, D.R.E.A.M., to make booking easy! For 20 years, TeamAmerica has refined its expertise in travel, offering perfectly crafted experiences for Groups, FITS and Escorted Excursions. Our dedicated team, together with our extensive network of suppliers, are here to make traveling with us seamless and wonderfully memorable. Our ever-growing sales force is there in support for you from Canada, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America. We invite you to explore the diversity and beauty that are the AMERICAS with us, from the smallest village to the largest metropolis, just as you like it.

TeamAmerica公司成立于1997年,是一家提供全面服务旅游公司,在纽约、洛杉矶和迈阿密海滩均设有办事处。在美国、加拿大、墨西哥、美国、加勒比海和南美的所有主要城市,我们提供3000 多个产品组合。同时我们提供人性化的预订系统D.R.E.A.M.,让预订更轻松。20年来,本公司已经不断改进旅游方面的专业度,为团队、散客和陪同游览提供完美的旅行体验。我们的专业团和我们广泛的供应商网一起为您提供无缝连接、奇妙难忘的旅途。我们的销售队伍不断扩大至加拿大、欧洲、亚洲、中东和南美洲,为您的旅行提供全力支持。我们邀请您和我们一起来探索美洲的多样性和美丽,从最小的村庄到大都市,就像您喜欢的那样。


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