The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Hotel and Tourism Management

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Hotel and Tourism Management

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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Hotel and Tourism ManagementAs a global centre of excellence in hospitality and tourism education for the 21st century, the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is positioned to lead the world’s hospitality and tourism education in the years to come. Ranked among top hotel and tourism schools in the world, the SHTM is a symbol of excellence in the field, exemplifying its motto of Leading Hospitality and Tourism.With a faculty of more than 70 academic staff members drawn from 22 countries and regions, the School offers innovative teaching and research in a creative learning environment. Students are able to study in a multicultural context and to learn from an internationally renowned faculty whose programmes provide outstanding career opportunities.In 2011, the official opening of Hotel ICON has further strengthened the School’s efforts in nurturing hospitality graduates to address the growing demands of the hospitality and tourism industry in Hong Kong, the region and around the world. As a unique teaching and research hotel with a pioneering fully integrated education approach, Hotel ICON offers a learning platform that fosters entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovation. Wholly-owned by PolyU and an extension of the SHTM, Hotel ICON brings together the SHTM’s longstanding excellence in hospitality education and PolyU’s continued commitment to supporting the global hospitality and tourism industry. In 2012, the School was bestowed the McCool Breakthrough Award by the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education (I-CHRIE) recognising its breakthrough in the form of Hotel ICON, the heart of the School’s innovative approach to hospitality and tourism education.

香港理工大学酒店及旅游业管理学院作为廿一世纪全球酒店及旅游教育的卓越典范,香港理工大学(理大)酒店及旅游业管理学院致力带领全球酒店及旅游教育的未来发展。学院锐意进取,排名位居世界前列,是卓越教育的象征,引证了学院为酒店及旅游发展开创新纪元的使命。学院超过70名教职人员来自22个国家和地区,着重教学创新与研究,令学员得以追随国际知名的学者学习、接触国际最前沿教育以及研究成果。2011年,理大的教学及研究酒店唯港荟(Hotel ICON)正式启用,强化了学院的人才培育工作,以满足香港丶区内以至全球酒店及旅游业界对专业人才的殷切需求。唯港荟体现了全新的综合教学模式,为学生提供一个学习平台,培养他们的创业精神,创意思维及创新能力。酒店由理大全资拥有,亦是学院的延伸部分,亦见证了学院在旅游教育方面的卓越成就。2012年,学院更获国际酒店餐饮及学术教育委员会(I-CHRIE)颁发「McCool突破奖」,藉此表扬学院以教研酒店唯港荟为核心,在酒店及旅游教育领域取得突破、实现创新。



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