The Pinball Luxury Suites

The Pinball Luxury Suites

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The Pinball Luxury Suites is a new format in the world of luxury hospitality. Serviced apartments finished with designer elements of rare beauty to which we have added enchanting touches of Italian taste and excellent service. Contemporary fusion within the ancient walls of a 15th century palazzo, whose distinctive features are still evident. Magic.
Welcome to a cosy world of comfort, colour and the opportunity to live memorable experiences.

The Pinball has just three large suites available: Little Robot, Spiral Circus and Royal Cards. Our guests will immediately feel at ease because each suite has been designed as a home to be lived in. Come for just a weekend or a longer stay. For families, couples, friends or professionals looking for a well-equipped business environment.

Far from the chaos of a big city, at the heart of a delightful town just 70 km from Rome and 50km from Tuscany, Viterbo has the largest medieval centre in Europe and is also a thermal spa. It was the Papal headquarters in the 8th century and hosted the first conclave. It is a safe and tranquil town. The food and wine here guarantee unparalleled enjoyment.

Arriving at the Pinball, you won’t find uniformed counter staff, but people whose love of hospitality has become their life’s passion. Our guests are warmly greeted by young men and women who are ever-available to make the Pinball experience genuine, friendly and generous, as dictated by the oldest, sacred rules of Italian hospitality.

On the ground floor, occupying two rooms, is our work of art: our tiny Pinball Museum, which represents the roots of our family and the origins of the visual imagery of Claudia Scarsella, the internationally renowned artist whose delicate touch characterises each suite.
Only our guests will get the chance to play on our pinball machines. Taking us from the 1960s to the 1990s, the pinball machines reign over the ancient stones and shimmering light sculptures.

Other than the noise of our guests’ joyful conviviality, there is complete silence.
There are amusements aplenty: Tuscia, the surrounding region, abounds in must-see sites which we will be happy to show you.
Let your imagination run wild: we will do all in our power to satisfy your every desire.
The Pinball is a tranquil refuge for those who love Italy and want to be embraced by it.
Better book well ahead: beautiful dreams need space. Fantastic reality is waiting here for you.

品博豪华套房酒店(The Pinball Luxury Suites)是目前世界范围内豪华酒店的一个新的模式。服务式公寓加入稀有美的设计元素,同时增加迷人的意大利品味和优质服务。现代融合于第十五世纪宫殿的古城墙内,其独特的特征依然明显。这就是魔术。欢迎来到舒适的世界,舒适的色彩,体验难忘的经历。品博有三大套房:小机器人,旋转的马戏团和皇家马戏团卡片。每个套房都被设计成家的样子,因此我们的客人能即刻感到安心。家庭们,夫妇,朋友或寻找一个设备齐全商业环境的专业人士,都可以来这儿住上一个周末或更长的时间。维泰尔博远离大城市的混乱,坐落于距离罗马70公里和托斯卡纳50公里远的一个可爱的小镇中心。这里有欧洲最大的中世纪中心,也有一个温泉。这是第八世纪的教皇总部,举办了第一届会议。这是一个安全宁静的小镇。这里的食物和美酒给您无与伦比的享受。到达品博,您不会找到穿制服的柜台人员,但那些热情好客已经成为他们生活中的激情。我们的客人会感受到来自年轻男女的热烈欢迎,让您感受到品博的真诚、友好和慷慨,就如同意大利礼仪古老的神圣法则那样。在一楼,两间房的地方,是我们的艺术工作地:我们的品博博物馆,这是我们家族的根,也是克劳蒂亚 斯卡尔塞拉的视觉意象的起源。克劳蒂亚 斯卡尔塞拉是国际著名艺术家,他的细腻的手法刻画在了每间套房。只有我们的客人将有机会玩我们的弹球机。弹球机控制着古老的石头和闪烁的灯光雕塑,把我们从60年代带到90年代。除了我们的客人的喜悦和欢声,剩下的就只有寂静。本酒店娱乐活动丰富:周边地区的图斯亚,有很多必看的景点,我们很乐意给您展示。让您的想象力疯狂吧:我们会尽全力去满足您的每一个愿望。品博是为那些爱意大利,想融入这宁静的人提供了一个安宁的避难所。最好提前预定:美丽的梦想需要空间。梦幻般的现实在这里等着您。


Piazza San Faustino, 5-7 Viterbo
01100 4  Viterbo





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